Friday, August 31, 2012

Jumeaa (Friday)

Guess what?

Kalyn, Cheila, and I went to meet the principal of our school (Institut de l'Agdal "Gustave Flaubert") and chose which branch we're taking! Our choices were: the Science Branch (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), the Economics Branch (economy, math, etc.), and the Management Branch (marketing, etc.). I chose the Science Branch, Kalyn chose the Economics Branch, and Cheila chose the Management Branch. Upon taking a quick tour of the school, we noticed that the small classrooms (each holding approximately fifteen students) aren't all connected by a hallway. Instead, they are connected by a courtyard (you have to walk outside the building in which a classroom is located to get to another classroom).We were told that we had to be driven somewhere else when it was time for P.E. or sports and althoough we aren't required to take any language classes (Spanish, Arabic, or English) we are free to do so. I'm really interested in taking Arabic classes and considering assisting in an English class. I can't wait for school to start September 12th!

Comparing myself now to my first three days in Morocco, it's difficult to believe that I've only been here for six days. I feel very much at ease with my host family and noticed that I'm walking at a slower pace during my trips from my home to AMIDEAST and back. I am also able to cross the street without having to stick closely to another person. To me, this is quite an accomplishment since crossing the streets in Rabat is like playing "Frogger" (the only difference is that you can put a little faith in the drivers). Overall, I have had a pretty good week! I'll write more information later. Bye!

I also went on facebook and found out that Jonathan posted some pictures of Chellah, the Kasbah of the Udayas, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. He has given me permission to post his pictures until I get internet access so look forward to that in the next post!

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